5 around-the-house cleaning hacks that will blow your mind

5. Kitchen

Add a teaspoon of lavender oil to a one-litre spray bottle of water. It’s non-toxic and a great antibacterial! Apply the solution and dry the surfaces with a rolled-up pair of pantyhose, which are also great to polish the taps. Rather than using a toothbrush to get into that gritty bit down the bottom of the tap, wrap the pantyhose leg around the base of the tap and seesaw backwards and forwards just like you are polishing a shoe. It takes seconds rather than minutes.

4. Laundry

While you can’t make your washing machine wash any faster, you can speed up the drying process. If you are using a clothesline, peg clothes open across two lines to speed the process, or if you are using a dryer, place a dry tea towel in the wet washing to increase surface area and dry your clothes faster.

3. Lounge Room

Dust ceilings, light fittings and walls with a broom covered with pantyhose. If you spray the head with some lavender spray, it inhibits insects. If you have lots of ornaments
in your lounge room, don’t scrub and rub to try and get the dust off – instead, place them inside a pillowcase one at a time and blast with a hairdryer. The pillowcase catches the dust.

2. Bathroom

Take a large plastic bucket and pop in everything that isn’t easy to wash or shouldn’t get wet – such as towels, toilet paper and all of the lotions and potions cluttering up the shelves – then place it outside. It’s easier and faster to clean a room that is stripped for action.

Sprinkle your bathroom surfaces with bicarb soda and lightly spray with white vinegar. While it is still fizzing, sweep with a soft broom covered with a pair of pantyhose. Don’t forget to sweep the walls while you still have some of the solution on the head of the broom. Rinse the broom and sweep again to remove any residue. A rolled-up pair of pantyhose will allow you to get into any smaller areas. Use the broom and an old towel to dry the floor.

Tip: If your bathroom has marble or limestone surfaces, you’ll need to
use a different cleaner. Fill a 500ml jar with water, add 2 tblsps of grated common bathroom soap and 2 tblsps of methylated spirits.

1. Garden

When a bit of elbow grease doesn’t quite cut it for the task at hand, a pressure cleaner such as a Gerni pressure washer will be your best bet for getting every tiny crack and crevice spotless. From large surface areas, like patios, to smaller nooks and crannies, like windows, this time-saving device will shave hours off your household to-do list.

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